Hackathon CYBERSPACE 2024
In the frame of the Cyberspace European project, DCIS (Direction of Security International Cooperation – French Ministry of the Interior) launches its first Hackathon on the topic of: “Developing capabilities to capture live data from cybercriminals in online forums”.


MARS 2024

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In 2020, cyberattacks cost the global economy €5.5 trillion. They also eroded public trust in institutions and put stress on millions of lives. Despite these threats, most law enforcement agencies and European countries lack the proper systems to track and respond to cybercrime in a timely manner.
The CYBERSPACE project aims to provide policymakers, law enforcement agencies and the private sector with a more comprehensive understanding of cyberattacks and cybercrime in the EU. Insights will be used to develop investigative tools, improve information sharing, and better detection, response and prevention of cybercrime.
Both for its relevance in the daily work of Law Enforcement Agencies, and for the potential of the tools and innovative solutions that can be used on the subject, decrypt the data of criminal organizations is one of the priority issues which is addressed by the project.
To stimulate the identification, experimentation and implementation of tools and methods in this area, a Hackathon is organized with topic:
“Develop capabilities to capture live data from cybercriminals in online forums”

Laureate prize

  • €2,000  Cash prize;
  • Fast-track access to European grants and financing;
  • 12 months’ individual support, including a public/private partnership agreement, worth €12,000.
  • A stand and visibility at one or more European events such as the “Europe Innovation Hub for Internal Security Annual Event” 2024, worth €1,000.

Who can apply?

  • Innovative companies (EU Incorporated): Startups, SMEs, Technology platforms, research centers, Students Junior companies.
  • EU Law Enforcement Agencies : Technical units
  • EU Projects holders (still non incorporated) : Students in the frame of their educational program (collective projects..), Individual entrepreneurs supported by a public or private Incubator

Steps and calendar


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